Who is Drew Burks?

I am an Entrepreneur.  I am gratitude, creativity and possibility.  I thrive on optimism and hope.

I am a husband and father and committed to designing businesses around my lifestyle so that I can spend as much time as possible with my beautiful wife, son and dog.

Drew, Kari and Grayson

I was fortunate enough to end 2010 by achieving a 12 year long goal by taking the month of December off from work.  My wife and I traveled to Florida with our one year old son to visit our family, we were able to visit my mother and grandparents; as well as, her parents, grandparents and brother.

The trip was life changing on many different levels!  So much so that we have chosen to make this a family tradition, we will be spending time with family and traveling the last 6-7 weeks of every year :)

In 2009  my son was born, making the year this the best year in my life.  My wife gave birth to our beautiful baby boy in November 2009 and it was really at this moment that I made the choice to dissolve my real estate corporation and downsize my corporate responsibilities and liabilities.  This was something I had been thinking about for sometime.

I began speaking to publicly to real estate professionals and have developed a love of public speaking.  The more accurate statement would probably be that I absolutely love sharing my passion for technology, social media and blogging with small business owners and public speaking has become the preferred format to share. Family Walk

Let me see if I can give you a overview of my professional career and accomplishments:

2010 – 2012 | Business Development Consultant & Internet Marketing Strategist

2010 was a transition period for me.  It had become obvious to me that I no longer had a desire to work in the Real Estate industry.  In late 2009 I began studying Internet Marketing full time -the lifestyle it affords was very appealing to me.  As a new father I made the tough choice to walk away from a successful Real Estate career and pursue my dreams & passion for creating the Internet Lifestyle for myself and my family.

  • In 2010 I was listed as “One of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate

Inman News, Most Influential Leaders

2001 – 2009 | Full Time Real Real Estate Professional

After selling my technology company in 2001 I began a full time career in Real Estate.  As a 3rd generation Realtor, the Real Estate Business came pretty naturally to me, so I got my Real Estate Brokers license in 2005 and opened my own brokerage.  I was very involved at the Local, State and National level for volunteering on committees.  At the peak I had 36 Realtors working under for my Brokerage.

2008 San Diego Most Admired CEO

1999 – 2001 | Founded a Technology Company that provided High Speed Internet to Multi-Family Properties nationwide 

Within 9 months I had signed up over 12,000 apartments and was set to go IPO … then the tech bubble burst and my investors chose to liquidate and dissolve the company.


Additional Acknowledgements and Accomplishments


I have been interviewed in the following magazines and online sites …

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Featured In:

August 2010 edition of the CAR Real Estate Magazine: page 22-23

September 2010 edition of the CAR Real Estate Magazine: page 8-9

October 2010 edition of the CAR Real Estate Magazine: page 28-29




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